Representative Experience
  • General Experience
      • Coker v. Nationwide Life Ins. Co., et al. - Working with the Alabama State Personnel Board, a Bradley litigation team represented a class of over 23,500 State of Alabama employees participating in a deferred compensation retirement plan on claims of breach of fiduciary duty, wantonness, and breach of contract against the state employees union and Nationwide Life Insurance Company entities. The state employees union chose Nationwide as the exclusive provider of plan services and negotiated with Nationwide as to Nationwide’s profits, which were taken from plan participants’ retirement savings, yet at the same time the union negotiated secret payments to itself from Nationwide. Over nine years, Nationwide paid the union about $13,000,000. Bradley litigation attorneys discovered the secret payments when doing background research on another plan-related claim. This litigation involved avoiding securities law preemption and obtaining the cooperation of numerous state agencies and defendants who fought every possible discovery and merits issue. After several years of litigation, the case settled for over $18,900,000, which was approved by the court and paid in 2011.