John N. Wrinkle

Retired Partner
Legal Assistant
Sherry Bush
P: 205.521.8791

John Wrinkle joined the firm's Birmingham office in 1955 as an associate, thereafter became a partner and retired as a partner in 1992.

Throughout his active practice, Mr. Wrinkle represented certain corporate clients of the firm in most, if not all, of their general corporate matters, including mergers, acquisitions and contractual matters. In addition, he devoted significant time to estate planning and trust estate administration matters. For the first 25 years of his practice, he also devoted an important part of his time to employee benefit matters. Almost from the beginning of his practice until his retirement as a partner and to some extent thereafter, he was primarily responsible for the general corporate affairs of EBSCO Industries, Inc., a large privately-held company based in the Birmingham area and engaged in multiple manufacturing, sales and other businesses throughout the United States and much of the rest of the world. He also for many years had the primary responsibility for the representation of Saunders System, Inc., a publicly traded company engaged in the vehicle lease and service business until it was acquired by Ryder System, Inc. in the late 1980's.

During his active career, he was a frequent lecturer in the employee benefits field, as well as in the estate planning field.