The attorneys in Bradley’s Litigation Practice Group maintain a position at the forefront of the rapidly evolving electronic data and discovery field. Electronic data discovery and preservation of electronically stored information is more important to litigation than ever and can often unearth evidence that can change the outcome of an entire case. To this end, our e-discovery lawyers works tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive all the data they are entitled to during discovery.

Bradley’s attorneys also help companies remain in compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which mandate certain obligations related to storage, preservation, and management of data when a dispute is pending or ongoing. We have extensive practical experience in the industries where our clients operate, so we are able to design record-keeping policies tailored to the specific needs of each business. Because errors in electronic document production can lead to violations of regulations and imposition of sanctions, we help our clients identify and analyze the electronically stored information relevant to a case and produce it in a manner in line with today’s best practices when required.