In Case of Accusation, Break Glass: Practical Advice for Responding to a False Claims Act Investigation

American Health Law Association (AHLA) Long Term and Post-Acute Care Law and Compliance



Wednesday, March 01, 2023
10:30 AM-11:30 AM CST

Sheraton New Orleans
500 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA

Description: Few things are more disruptive and costly to a health care provider than responding to an action under the False Claims Act. Mr. Robertson and Mr. Beck will share practical tips and specific actions, strategies, and tactics clients have employed in defeating FCA cases or achieving reasonable settlements, from the perspectives of outside counsel, chief legal officer, and chief ethics and compliance officer. Topics covered will include:

  • Steps to take when a client gets a civil investigative demand or other signs arise of an FCA investigation
  • Reading the tea leaves–“reverse engineering” the government’s concerns from the CID and other clues
  • Preparing the organization, from the Board to the front line, for the lengthy roller coaster ride that is an FCA defense
  • Selection of defense counsel and how to get the most from the relationship between in-house and outside counsel
  • Tools and tips for evaluating FCA exposure
  • Planning and executing a comprehensive defense strategy, including how to evaluate potential for settlement
  • How and when to communicate about the FCA matter, both internally and with third parties

Other Speakers: 

David C. Beck, Law Offices of David Beck PLLC, Dallas, Texas

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