Are You and Your Company Prepared for Life Post-Liquidity?

Smart Business Dealmakers Conference



Wednesday, May 17, 2023
10:00 AM-10:30 AM EST

Piedmont Driving Club
Atlanta, GA

It’s no secret that life is a journey—and that the adventures along the way are what makes it worth the ups and downs. So, what does it mean to prepare for a liquidity event—often the largest financial event in one’s life—and start the next chapter in your journey? Do you stick around with the company as an employee? Are you leaving a legacy and your team members in good hands with the new owners? Should you consider becoming a serial entrepreneur and found a new venture? Maybe you can start investing as an angel, venture capitalist or even join a private equity firm as a partner? And what about finding purpose and significance by mentoring others or joining boards? The options are many. Join a group of executives and advisors as they talk about what they’ve done and how you can start thinking about life post-liquidity before you ever get there.

Other Speakers: 

Christy Brown, CEO, Dr. Noze Best
Sig Mosley, Managing Partner, Mosley Ventures
Robert “Bob” Watson, President & CEO, Juvare
Moderator: Eric Busko, Regional Executive, Alex.Brown

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