How To Create Value in Your Loan Payments Systems




Tuesday, October 03, 2023
9:30 AM-10:30 AM EST

Hyatt Regency
Atlanta, GA

Creating value in loan payment systems involves strategically blending technological innovation, customer-centricity, and operational efficiency across all stakeholders. A key component in this process is the adoption of emerging technologies aimed at leveraging payment strategists and utilizing agnostic solutions that cater to a borrower’s preferences within the ecosystems. Join a panel of LEND360 experts to learn how loan management systems and lenders can empower borrowers with convenient payment options and transparency for improved performance. The panel will outline how embracing agility, integrating data analytics, and employing efficient risk mitigation tools can ensure informed decision-making and quicker pivots. Learn strategies for collaboration that incentivize all parties, foster a culture of continuous improvement to enhance system performance, create added value, and increase borrower satisfaction. The panelists will lead a discussion on how aligning values and creating revenue models derived from utilizing a well-crafted approach that balances technology expertise, best-in-class solutions, and a borrower-centered touch will elevate the loan payment performance experience.

Other Speakers: 

Debra LeJeune 
O.B. Rawls

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