Answering the Criticism… Addressing & Quantifying Vs. The Current Backlash Against ESG Investing

The 2nd Annual ESG and Decarbonizing Real Estate Forum (Winter)



Thursday, February 08, 2024
9:00 AM-9:30 AM CST

Four Seasons Hotel Nashville
Nashville, TN
  • Do you think you need to prepare two sets of marketing decks… One for pro- and one for anti-ESG
  • What have been some of the top ESG themes that are receiving backlash? What has been your response? Has it been successful?
  • What are some of the criticisms that makes sense… How can this be addressed within in the current ESG framework?
  • Returns vs. politics: How are you addressing?
  • Finding a happy medium of states that are divesting while others say enough isn’t being done
  • What can both sides of the spectrum agree on?
  • Tools and arguments that the critics will listen to
  • Addressing in house skepticism
  • What arguments work on why ESG is important from both an altruistic and investment perspective
  • Does ESG fulfill fiduciary responsibilities?

Other Speakers: 

Catherine Stanton
Dan Magder
Isela Rosales
Fulya Kockak Gin

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