Jason Mehta Quoted in a Time Magazine on Telemedicine Fraud During COVID-19

Media Mention

 Bradley partner Jason Mehta was quoted in a Time Magazine article discussing the rise in telemedicine fraud during COVID-19.  

The loosening of telemedicine regulations due to the pandemic has made it difficult for some people to distinguish legitimate businesses from scam artists. Mehta says the number of alleged fraud cases Bradley is handling has almost quadrupled.

 The shift to telemedicine has allowed anyone to build trust and credibility with “nothing more than polished presentations and slick websites,” Mehta said. “There’s the real possibility of having all the ingredients necessary to further these potentially problematic arrangements: unwitting doctors, patients who are sometimes none the wiser, and occasional unscrupulous pharmacies looking for new revenue sources.”

 The original article, “How an Online Pharmacy Sold Millions Worth of Dubious COVID-19 Drugs — While Patients Paid the Price,” appeared in Time Magazine on October 13, 2021.