September Update: COVID-19 Mortgage Servicing Trends Report

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Bradley is proud to share the following information collected from the live polls presented at its weekly COVID-19 Compliance Roundtables. The polling covers hot topics, including forbearances, deferrals, HUD loss mitigation programs, foreclosure moratoriums and other default issues, and how normal servicing concerns such as escrow and credit reporting intersect with COVID-19 compliance issues.

This report is intended to show industry trends, not facts, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Bradley attorneys. Bradley is not responsible for any inaccuracies, and this report should not be considered legal advice.

The polling results included in this report are the anonymous responses of Roundtable attendees. The results may be skewed based on the number of responses in relation to the group as a whole or if more than one person from a company responded to the question. The number of respondents varies by poll. Percentages are rounded to the nearest 0.5.

The dates of the polls are important to understanding and interpreting them, as the approach to COVID-19 issues changes rapidly, and the industry has been nimble in responding to such changes over the last several months.

For questions related to this report or to seek formal legal advice on any of the topics herein, please contact your Bradley attorney or email