Christian W. Hancock

Legal Assistant
Annette Shillingford
P: 704.338.6018

Christy Hancock’s practice is dedicated to financial services regulatory compliance. Her work with mortgage servicing and financial institution clients has given her a broad base of knowledge regarding laws affecting the mortgage servicing business, including bankruptcy and foreclosure best practices, payment application, correspondence requirements, allowable fees, loan modifications, escrow requirements, and property preservation. In recent years, her practice has involved advising large financial institutions on bankruptcy-related regulatory matters, government settlements, and large-scale remediation projects.

Christy organizes and hosts the Bradley Compliance Roundtable, which is a bimonthly, one-hour WebEx for dozens of the firm’s financial services clients on a wide variety of issues. The Roundtable was created in March 2020 to address a myriad of COVID-19 issues and evolved to cover a broad range of topics involving secured lending and servicing. These meetings provide clients with a unique and valuable opportunity to discuss new trends and various nuances of consumer laws, with particular focus on government enforcement, compliance issues, and litigation updates.

During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, Christy emerged as a thought leader on the CARES Act and related state laws regarding mortgage forbearances, deferrals, and other loss mitigation options, as well as foreclosure and eviction moratoriums. She continues to advise clients on the resulting changes to federal loss mitigation rules following the end of the pandemic.

Christy provides daily guidance to clients on laws such as the CARES Act and related state laws, TILA, RESPA, FDCPA and the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as compliance with certain bankruptcy rules and mortgage servicing best practices. She has assisted her financial services clients with a variety of intricate matters, including developing responses to new legislation, conducting internal risk assessments, assisting with and responding to internal and external audits, training company personnel, and revising quality control processes, as well as drafting and updating a variety of mortgage servicing policies and procedures. Christy also routinely responds to the CFPB, the United States Trustee’s Office, various state attorneys general, and state banking department inquiries on behalf of her clients.

In addition to her normal practice, Christy also enjoys teaching and mentoring. She is a regular instructor for the MBA at the Schools of Mortgage Banking I and II, teaching Regulatory Compliance, Laws Affecting the Mortgagee’s Interest in Property, Legal Updates, and Ethics in the Financial Services Industry and a yearly “Financial Services 101” seminar to incoming attorneys at Bradley.