Bradley’s State Attorneys General and Regulators Practice Group helps companies and individuals accomplish their goals in an era of diversified government enforcement. Our lawyers develop innovative strategies to help clients navigate inquiries and interactions with state attorneys general and state regulatory agencies nationwide. We facilitate smooth government relations, liaise with state regulators, and defend our clients in investigations and enforcement.

One of our innovative approaches is our interactive State Attorneys General and Regulators map. Click the map image below and then select a state or territory from the dropdown menu to learn more about a specific state attorney general or certain key regulatory agencies. Each of these state attorneys general and state regulatory agencies represent areas where Bradley can provide legal assistance.

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Our team includes seasoned defense attorneys, former federal prosecutors, former regulators, accomplished civil litigators, regulatory attorneys, and advisors who combine forces to assist our clients in the financial services industry. We combine the experience and knowledge of a storied law firm with the personal attention of a boutique firm.

State Attorneys General and Regulators Infographic - Three-Pronged Approach: Government Relations, State Regulators, and Enforcement & Investigations

We have broad experience in a range of matters, including:

  • Formulates legal strategies to facilitate client goals
  • Anticipates legal pitfalls and ensures compliance
  • Minimizes exposure to liabilities
  • Resolves state-level issues before they become national concerns
  • Protects the client’s business in the face of state regulatory action
  • Aggressively defends clients in enforcement actions and civil litigation

Bradley attorneys and advisors work with in-house teams to build solutions based on the challenges of each unique matter, from leveraging key government relationships and navigating inquiries from state regulators to resolving litigation and enforcement actions.

Our seasoned attorneys and advisors draw upon extensive knowledge of individual priorities and personalities of each regulator to facilitate effective dialogue with state attorneys general and regulators, and craft effective responses to any given scenario. 
Our lawyers apply their understanding of industry trends, and extensive knowledge of consumer protection laws and unfair deceptive or abusive acts and practices (UDAAP) statutes, to anticipate potential pitfalls and areas of concern. We participate in regulatory associations to stay on the forefront of issues and potential regulations impacting the industries we serve. Our team carefully crafts strategies to help clients navigate and resolve state-level issues, including regulatory inquiries and compliance issues, before they become national concerns. 

If a matter escalates, we craft solutions to facilitate amicable resolutions while defending against the underlying allegations. Whether a matter requires a speedy resolution, lengthy multi-state litigation, or anything in between, our team integrates seamlessly with in-house legal counsel, compliance departments, and other business units to create solutions. When our clients face investigations, subpoena requests, administrative actions, or litigation, our team formulates legal strategies to accomplish client goals while protecting the client’s reputation, operations, and bottom line.

We also assist clients with multi-state, coordinated, and Consumer Finance Protection Bureau examinations, either at the forefront or behind the scenes by supporting internal compliance teams.

Companies often face complex legal, business and public relations challenges that require a coordinated, comprehensive crisis management effort. Our team understands the importance of a strategic crisis prevention and response plan that keeps the client’s objectives at the forefront. Working closely with our in-house counterparts, including legal, human resources, finance and information technology departments, we develop and implement crisis avoidance programs and manage crisis situations when necessary.

Our multidisciplinary team includes skilled practitioners who have successfully dealt with all three branches of the federal government, state attorneys general, and international regulatory and enforcement authorities, as well as former federal prosecutors. We have substantial experience developing and implementing effective crisis response strategies and compliance programs and evaluating their effectiveness.

Bradley’s attorneys and advisors understand that a timely and strategic crisis response can be critical. We can develop and execute a comprehensive communications strategy that will protect shareholder value and minimize damage to individual reputations. Equally important is identifying steps to help avoid crisis situations altogether through corporate compliance, training and strategic risk management programs. Clients rely on our team to help shape their compliance programs, assess risk and manage crises should they occur.