The False Claims Act in 2022: A Government Enforcement Update

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As with recent years, government contractors were the target of many False Claims Act (FCA) investigations, settlements, and judgments in 2022. Notably, an area that the federal government was particularly focused on this year was fraud as it relates to the federal government’s pandemic relief programs. The government’s efforts to uncover and recover from cases of improper payments to small businesses under the Paycheck Protection Program resulted in more than 35 FCA matters and the recovery of more than $6.8 million in improper loans. This effort to root out COVID-19-related fraud is likely to continue in 2023. To keep you apprised of the current enforcement trends and the status of the law, Bradley’s Government Enforcement and Investigations Practice Group is pleased to present the False Claims Act: 2022 Year in Review, our 11th annual review of significant FCA cases, developments and trends.