Lee-Ann C. Brown

Legal Assistant
Meredith DeFalco
P: 202.719.8233 mdefalco@bradley.com

Lee-Ann Brown focuses her practice on construction and government contracts. She represents general contractors, subcontractors, and owners, in both the prosecution and defense of claims on public and private construction projects. In her construction practice, she has represented and counseled contractors in cases involving federal and state Miller Act and Prompt Payment Act claims, complex contractual disputes, compliance concerns, litigation, settlement, and dismissal of claims.

Lee-Ann has significant experience in litigating claims surrounding the construction and improvement of highways/infrastructure, new embassy compounds and other secured federal buildings, as well as the large scale remodeling of federal buildings. As someone with experience in contractual disputes involving international projects, she understands the importance of risk assessment in advising clients during the pre-award period, as well as the importance of considering factors stemming from project location in resolving contractual disputes.

Lee-Ann is the daughter of the owner of a small metal fabrication and construction firm. She spent a portion of her formative years going along to field operations and helping in the shop with her father. Her experience in metal fabrication and an understanding of the associated challenges in project management are what inspired her to focus her practice on construction and government contracts and has shaped the way she serves her clients and approaches each dispute.