Keith Covington

Legal Assistant
Elizabeth Blake
P: 205.521.8435
Representative Experience
  • Immigration
    • Regularly helps employers obtain various types of employment-based nonimmigrant visas for their foreign national workers, including H-1B (specialty occupation), L-1 (intracompany transfer), TN (NAFTA), and R-1 (religious worker) visas.

      Assists employers with labor certification applications (PERM) and employment-based immigrant visa petitions (EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3).

      Helps employees and other individuals with adjustment of status applications, consular visa processing, and citizenship naturalization petitions.

      Helped a materials manufacturer obtain an H-1B visa for its Kansas-based plant manager.

      Successfully filed several H-1B and I-140 immigrant petitions to hire and retain critically needed software developers and other IT employees for a retail sporting goods chain.

      Obtained approval of a blanket L-1 intracompany transfer petition for an international consulting firm client.

      Assisted a residential home builder with an ICE Form I-9 audit, which ultimately resulted in no fines being levied.

      Developed and implemented a comprehensive immigration compliance plan for a general contractor doing work for Walmart.

      Helped an automotive part supplier obtain TN visas for several quality control and production engineers.

      Successfully filed a labor certification application and an EB-3 immigrant petition for the medical office manager of a pediatric medical practice.

      Filed a successful marriage-based green card application for the corporate service manager of a Texas-based petroleum equipment company.

      Conducted a Form I-9 immigration compliance audit for a Nashville cleaning service company.

      Successfully filed multiple religious worker visa petitions for a Tennessee-based church organization.

      Successfully filed an application for a J-1 intern visa for a Mississippi timber management company.

      Handled a Form I-9 immigration compliance audit for a Birmingham construction company.

  • Labor and Employment
    • Defended numerous discrimination cases and EEOC charges under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

      Regularly conducts EEO and harassment avoidance training for employer clients.

      Represented a national security services company in several cases involving employment discrimination, wage and hour, and FMLA claims. Obtained summary judgment for the company in one case, and successfully resolved the others through mediation.

      Obtained an arbitration award in favor of a wholesale grocery cooperative on a former employee’s 10-count complaint alleging race discrimination, sexual harassment, and state law tort claims. Had previously filed a successful motion compelling the matter to arbitration after the case was initially filed in federal court.

      Represented a property management company in a multi-plaintiff sexual harassment case brought under the Fair Housing Act. Successfully resolved the case, along with a related insurance coverage dispute, during a three-day mediation involving almost 50 individual parties.

      Defended and successfully resolved a breach of contract lawsuit filed by a former sales employee of a Georgia-based industrial contactor.

      Advised a nationally known nonprofit with the implementation and execution of a series of employee reductions-in-force.

      Engaged in collective bargaining negotiations for an automobile dealership, including the defense of an associated unfair labor practice charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

      Obtained summary judgment for an international hotel chain and its subsidiary in a fraudulent hiring case.

      Prosecuted a non-compete case against a former employee of a promotional products supply company in Cincinnati, Ohio.

      Developed and assisted with the implementation of a mandatory employment arbitration agreement for a petroleum refining and marketing company.

      Obtained summary judgment for a space-industry contractor on a former employee’s age discrimination claim. Case was affirmed on appeal by the Eleventh Circuit after oral argument.

      Obtained favorable result for food services client after successfully arguing employee-plaintiff had entered into a valid arbitration agreement, which governed his claims.

      Represented the former owner of a crane company headquartered in Pennsylvania in a breach of contract case filed by the company’s local office manager.

      Prosecuted a breach of loyalty case for a crane and hoist contractor against a group of former employees who set up a competing business.

  • Construction
    • Advised a general contractor in a dispute arising from the construction of a Mississippi warehouse facility, which included defending a related subcontractor claim.

      Successfully defended a construction bid protest case filed against a local school board under Alabama’s Public Works Law.

      Obtained a $544,000 jury verdict for a construction company client against two Chicago-area labor unions on claims for illegal secondary activity under §303 of the Labor Management Retaliation Act.