Representative Experience
  • General Experience
    • Completion of construction projects and liquidation of equipment and accounts of one of Tennessee's largest construction companies
      Supervised the completion of pending construction projects as well as the liquidation of the company's equipment and accounts, including termination of the pension plan, termination of the health care plan, the completion of pending contracts, the litigation of preference claims, the allowance of unsecured claims and the distribution of proceeds to allowed claims. Bill Norton was appointed Trustee for the company.

      Acquisition and disposition various health care provider companies
      Acquisition and disposition of home health agencies, hospices, DME companies and other home care providers.

      Deferred Compensation, Section 409A
      Restatement of numerous deferred compensation plans and documentation of new arrangements for both publicly-traded and private companies. 

      Advice to numerous employers regarding the changes that can be made to various arrangements subject to Section 409A regarding both the design and administration of such arrangements, with special emphasis on the changes that can, and cannot, be made without violating Section 409A. 

      Advise clients on relief available for correction of certain operational failures under Notice 2008-113.

      Governmental Plans
      Representation of administrative committee of one of the largest U.S. public retirement systems. 

      Representation of a state retirement system in connection with all type of tax-qualification, administrative, and litigation matters. 

      Representation of numerous municipal governments in connection with a myriad of plan design, administration and funding issues associated with their retirement and welfare plans. 

      Advice to various political subdivisions and governmental-affiliated organizations regarding the governmental plan status of their retirement and welfare plans. 

      Representation of employers who, despite having paid contributions into a state retirement plan, have been told by such plans that their employees were not eligible to participate in such plans.

      HIPAA Privacy & Security
      Representation of employers of all sizes with data breach notification compliance as applicable to self-funded group health plans. 

      Work and advice for business associates of health plans and health care providers with respect to documentary compliance. 

      Assist covered entities and business associates of all sizes with implementation of policies and procedures.

      Pension Plans
      Representation of manufacturing company regarding transfer and assumption of defined pension benefit plan obligations. 

      Work on the design, implementation and administration of all types of defined benefit pension plans, including cash balance plans, for all sorts of employers, from small medical practices to large public companies. 

      Representation of employers in connection with the termination of their defined benefit pension plans, including the required notification of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation regarding such proposed termination and the submission of such terminated plans to the Internal Revenue Service for the issuance of a favorable determination letter. 

      Representation of large public companies in the spin-off of defined benefit pension plans and related required notifications to Internal Revenue Service and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.