Dmitry Epstein

Legal Assistant
Wanda Thomas
P: 404.868.2021

Dmitry Epstein is an associate in the firm’s Litigation Practice Group, where he helps clients resolve commercial disputes in court and in alternative dispute resolution settings. Having worked on a variety of cases across different industries, Dmitry understands the significant expense and risks of litigation. In addition to providing zealous advocacy, he seeks to achieve a cost-effective and timely solution to any dispute, always keeping in mind the business interests of the client.

Dmitry has a wide range of experience in the legal field. Before joining Bradley, he served as a law clerk for the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Federal Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. In his clerkship roles, Dmitry collaborated with justices and judges to resolve complex legal issues and prepare binding judicial decisions affecting litigants across Georgia and beyond.

In addition to serving the courts, he has practiced tort litigation at a large international firm, focusing primarily on the defense of class action lawsuits. He also worked at a start-up law firm providing general counsel services to small- and medium-sized businesses and drafting and negotiating a variety of commercial agreements. Dmitry strives to deliver maximum protection to clients while preventing costly disputes.