Stephen M. Fernelius

Representative Experience
  • Catastrophic Industrial Accident Defense
    • Successfully defended a multinational energy company in a five-week trial in federal court in which the plaintiffs sought a significant amount in damages but were only awarded a few thousand.

      Represented a multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and crop science company in U.S. regulatory matters arising out of a process plant explosion.

      Represented an international oil and gas company in three separate trials in connection with a catastrophic explosion and fire at its Texas City, Texas, refinery, resulting in favorable settlements of several hundred personal injury claims.

      Represented two international oil and gas companies in connection with three catastrophic process plant explosions involving numerous fatalities and substantial property damage.

      Represented a major oil and gas company in connection with two fatalities in a flash fire at a chemical unit; trial verdict led to an advantageous settlement for the client.

  • Mass Tort/High-Profile Litigation
    • Obtained a jury verdict in favor of a major global energy company in a bellwether trial in a 50,000 plaintiff, multi-district litigation involving alleged chemical exposure and injuries from an oil refinery.

      Served as national discovery counsel for a U.S. tire manufacturer in its product liability litigation; successfully transformed the way in which the client handles pretrial discovery.

      Obtained a jury verdict in favor of a major automobile manufacturer in a wrongful death lawsuit in which the claimant alleged that the deployment of an air bag caused his wife’s death.

      Successfully represented a major international oil and gas company in environmental litigation concerning oil fields in Louisiana.

      Successfully represented a national amusement park chain, obtaining several defense jury verdicts in cases where plaintiffs alleged ride-related injuries.