Ralph B. Germany Jr.


Ralph Germany has broad experience with construction issues and disputes. He has successfully handled matters involving the construction of condominiums, highways, commercial buildings and chemical plants. His work has included contract negotiations, claim negotiations, litigation and arbitration. Ralph works with clients on a daily basis to develop strategies for solving problems that have arisen on on-going construction projects.

Ralph works with clients on a broad range of construction matters, literally from the beginning (contract negotiations) to the end of projects (claim resolution). He negotiates with owners, subcontractors and lenders in work-outs on projects that have suffered from funding and payment issues. He also formulates and negotiates claims that arise during the course of construction. His experience also includes litigating and arbitrating a broad range of construction claims related to defective plans and specifications; scope of design-build responsibility; delay; acceleration; defective construction; surety takeover; over-inspection; remission of liquidated damages; and many other issues.

Outside of his construction practice, Ralph serves as counsel for Rankin County Mercy Medical Inc., a community service ministry that provides free medical services for the uninsured and indigent.