Whitney J. Jackson

Legal Assistant
Karen Chapman
P: 601.592.9949 kchapman@bradley.com

Whitney Jackson’s practice focuses on commercial litigation, employment, intellectual property, and privacy matters.

Whitney is a strategic litigator who has a clear understanding of the unique challenges that her clients face in their respective industries. She keeps a keen eye on emerging trends and precedents to provide cutting-edge legal strategies tailored to each client's specific situation.

She is known for her unfaltering dedication to client advocacy, as she has a knack for identifying key legal arguments and presenting them persuasively. Importantly, Whitney believes in the importance of providing personalized attention to her clients’ legal issues, while also ensuring that her clients are well- informed throughout each step of litigation.

Notably, Whitney possesses an illustrious track record of successfully handling complex legal cases. She has demonstrated an exceptional ability to secure favorable outcomes for her clients by employing a strategic and thoughtful approach to every case she handles.

When Whitney is not litigating, she is advising her clients on best practices to stay in legal compliance in their respective industries.