Representative Experience
  • Experience Group
    • Mortgage loan warehouse lending
      Represented mortgage loan warehouse facility providers in connection with mortgage loan repurchase facilities, line of credit facilities and participation facilities.

      Commercial real estate lending
      Represented commercial real estate lenders in connection with loans to fund the acquisition and/or development of various commercial projects, including hotel facilities and student housing apartments and condominiums.

      Bank holding company loans
      Represented Alabama-based bank in connection with numerous loans to holding companies of community banks.

      Loan syndications and participations
      Represented numerous lead and non-lead banks in syndicated loan transactions and loan participation transactions.

      Bank capital matters
      Represented numerous Alabama banks and bank holding companies in connection with stock offerings and bank holding company loans.

      Bank branching matters
      Represented numerous Alabama banks in connection with branch openings, closings and relocations.

      Correspondent banking services
      Represented the correspondent banking division of an Alabama-based bank in connection with federal funds purchases and sales, funds transfer services and other correspondent banking activities.

      Bank officer and director matters
      Represented numerous banks in connection with changes in directors and senior executive officers, including assistance with regulatory applications and the preparation and negotiation of employment, severance and non-competition agreements.

      Bank loans to affiliates and insiders

      Represented numerous banks in connection with questions arising under Sections 23A and 23B of the Federal Reserve Act (affiliate transactions) and Federal Reserve Regulation O (insider transactions).

      Shareholder meetings

      Represented numerous Alabama-based banks and bank holding companies in connection with annual and special shareholder meetings, including the preparation of proxy materials.

      Equipment Finance
      Represented an Alabama-based company in connection with its lease of equipment from several large financial institutions.

      Purchases and sales of bank property
      Represented a large financial institution in connection with numerous sales and purchases of branch sites.

      De novo bank formation
      Represented several groups of bank organizers in connection with the formation of Alabama-chartered de novo banks. Representation included providing assistance with regulatory applications, securities offerings and related matters.