Representative Experience
      • Prepare regulatory surveys
        Prepare multistate regulatory surveys regarding all aspects of regulatory compliance for mortgage and consumer financial companies.
      • Assist with state licensing process
        Assist clients in navigating the somewhat complex process of state licensing, which includes preparing control persons for the licensing regime; reviewing company policy and procedures; responding directly to regulators regarding deficiencies on license applications; and generally shepherding license applications through the various state regulators’ offices.
      • Represent financial services clients in acquisitions
        Represent multiple major mortgage lenders, servicers, and financial services companies in connection with their acquisitions of other major mortgage lenders, servicers and financial services companies.
      • NMLS system merger oversight
        Oversaw the largest NMLS system merger and acquisition transition resulting in the nationwide transfer of licensed branches, licensed individual mortgage loan originators, and the addition of other trade names at the corporate and branch levels resulting in 97 percent branch approval and 83 percent individual approval on day one of the transaction. Enlisted and maintained regulatory buy-in, even when agencies were asked to deviate from normal licensing practices in order to accomplish transaction goals.