Representative Experience
    • Resolved a Title IX claim regarding alleged disparities between a high school’s baseball and softball programs.

      Worked with a school to address claims from alumni that they had been sexually abused by faculty when they were students more than 20 years before.

      After a due process hearing, obtained a favorable ruling in a parent’s claim that her special needs child should not be placed in a different educational setting.

      Obtained summary judgment on a former employee’s claim that a school system denied him more than 15 positions because of his race, age, and religion.

      Obtained summary judgment on a former teacher/football coach’s state court breach-of-contract lawsuit against the school board, including claims of fraud, defamation and tortious interference.

      Defended a rural hospital against ambulance drivers’ lawsuit alleging they had been misclassified under the FLSA and needed to be paid back overtime.

      Represented clients in disability access matters, including a recent Department of Justice investigation.

      Defeated class certification in lawsuit filed against school board and former board members alleging that former teacher molested students and litigated the remaining six plaintiffs’ claims