Bradley’s corporate restructuring practice supports distressed business clients across the country in reorganizing operations and restructuring financial obligations, both outside court and through Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Our experienced team, led by two members of the American College of Bankruptcy, quickly assesses the source of a client’s financial problems and develops a comprehensive strategy to protect and maximize the value of the enterprise.

We represent owners, debtors, company directors, and trustees on all aspects of business bankruptcy and insolvency, guiding them through the complex processes to achieve the best-possible outcome. Our clients include large and mid-sized companies in a range of industries, including the healthcare, construction, energy, technology, automotive, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and real estate sectors.

With many engagements, we are able to achieve a successful restructuring through orderly, negotiated, out-of-court workouts. Depending on each client’s unique circumstances, this type of corporate reorganization strategy may involve:

  • Restructuring or refinancing the client’s outstanding debt obligations
  • Infusing new capital from investors
  • Converting debt to equity
  • Implementing new financial or operational controls
  • Developing a team dedicated to turnaround management
  • Selling assets

If an out-of-court restructuring is not a viable option, we leverage our extensive experience with Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings to make the process swift and methodical. Before filing any bankruptcy, we work with our client’s team of financial and business professionals and advisors to develop a detailed plan for taking the company into, and getting it out of, bankruptcy as efficiently as possible. This may include pre-packaged and pre-negotiated plans.

We also are well-versed in structuring mergers and acquisitions arising out of Chapter 11 cases, as well as Section 363 bankruptcy sales. Our attorneys regularly advise boards of directors of financially distressed corporations regarding their fiduciary duties and how to satisfy those obligations throughout the reorganization process.

Our team of professionals provides further benefits to clients by drawing upon the experience of other attorneys in the firm, such as those in our securities, finance, mergers and acquisitions, employment, employee benefits, and tax practices. This ensures that we develop a comprehensive corporate restructuring strategy that addresses any issues that may emerge in the course of a client’s reorganization.