Our Creditors’ Rights practice helps banks, indenture trustees, special servicers, asset based lenders, investment firms, hedge funds, general business trade creditors, judgment creditors, and landlords to maximize their recoveries on claims against defaulted and criticized loans of borrowers, guarantors, tenants, and other obligors.

Our Creditors’ Rights attorneys represent clients both in and out of court. We have extensive experience negotiating and documenting out-of-court workout agreements in troubled commercial loan situations regardless of the size of the loan. If an out-of-court agreement cannot be reached or is breached, our attorneys help our creditor clients evaluate and pursue the full range of remedies available to them both in and outside of litigation. Our Creditors Rights’ attorneys are experienced in all manner of state, federal, and bankruptcy court litigation, not only in litigating claims and pursuing judgments against defaulting obligors but also in defending against lender liability claims raised by borrowers and other obligors. We also regularly initiate and conduct foreclosures, UCC sales, receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors, replevin and detinue actions, involuntary bankruptcy filings, and post-judgment remedies, such as garnishments and execution sales, to help our clients recover the monies they are due.

We represent creditor clients in a wide range of industries, including not only banking and financial services, but also mortgage servicing, health care, construction, automotive and other manufacturing, software and technology, retail and wholesale distributions, and natural resources, among others.