Representative Experience
  • General Experience
    • Recent experience for Financially Distressed Construction:
  • General Experience
    • Represented J.A. Jones Construction Company, an international construction firm, and 57 of its subsidiaries in their chapter 11 cases filed in North Carolina. Within 11 months of the bankruptcy filing, obtained confirmation of two chapter 11 plans that ratified a dozen major asset transactions and numerous smaller sales. The process netted over $1 billion in total consideration, eliminated another $1 billion in contingent liabilities under the firm’s surety bonds, and saved the jobs of over 97 percent of the firm’s 7,000 employees.

      Served as chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee for one of Tennessee’s largest construction companies. Supervised the completion of pending construction projects as well as the liquidation of the company's equipment and accounts, including termination of the pension plan, termination of the health care plan, the completion of pending contracts, the litigation of preference claims, the allowance of unsecured claims and the distribution of proceeds to allowed claims.

      Represented and led bank group in coordinated UCC sales of substantially all assets of a construction services business on a going concern basis to third party buyer.