Trade secret protection and enforcement is central to any business relationship, especially in today’s information age. Bradley’s Intellectual Property Practice Group is at the vanguard of the growing trade secrets field and can apply its deep breadth of experience to help safeguard your company’s critical assets.
In the event litigation is necessary to recover trade secrets or seek compensation for their misappropriation, we represent clients before federal, state, appellate, and administrative courts, as well as international forums and tribunals. Bradley intellectual property lawyers are proficient litigators with a demonstrated track record of success in the courtroom. We work tirelessly to help our clients retain their intellectual property so they can keep their competitive edge.
Advancing technology and connectivity combined with high employee mobility make it easier than ever to transmit proprietary data. Our IP attorneys work preemptively to help clients develop appropriate employee agreements, confidentiality agreements, and other strategies and security measures to ensure proper protection of their valuable trade secrets. We have extensive experience in counseling both businesses and employees in the scope of agreements designed to protect trade secrets and other proprietary information when their enforcement is at issue. Our team has been heralded for its rapid work and responsiveness, which are essential in a field where speed is necessary to prevent irrevocable disclosure of important company information.