Bloomberg BNA’s Pass-Through Entity Navigator

Bloomberg BNA’s Pass-Through Entity Navigator is a comprehensive online resource providing detailed analysis and practical guidance on a state-by-state basis for each type of pass-through entity and pass-through entity owner. The navigator offers a better way to navigate tax questions that are raised by operating a multi-state pass-through entity, covering nine types of entities and eight types of entity-level taxes, and clarifying the computation of partnership and S corporation income.

SALT attorney Bruce Ely served as co-lead author of the navigator, and SALT attorneys Jimmy Long and Will Thistle co-authored the Alabama chapter of the new state tax resource tool. Tax professionals can use the resource to quickly access more than 1,700 charitable topics, such as formation, federal tax classifications, taxes imposed, withholding, or composite returns. The navigator is available to subscribers of Bloomberg BNA’s Tax & Accounting State Tax research. For non-subscribers, Bloomberg is offering a free trial for a limited time. For more information, visit