Representative Experience
  • Cannabis Industry Team Experience
    • Our Cannabis Industry team understands the cannabis industry, and we leverage that understanding to provide sophisticated cannabis advice to cannabis companies and non-cannabis companies that interact with cannabis companies. We also understand that cannabis companies often need more traditional legal advice for things such as fundraising, labor and employment, real estate, insurance, and the like. That’s where Bradley’s platform sets our firm apart.

      Bradley’s value proposition is a hub-and-spoke model that allows our cannabis attorneys to leverage the full suite of services provided by our firm to be a one-stop shop for the cannabis industry and those who interact with the cannabis industry. Our model includes:

  • Licensing
    • In a highly regulated industry, licenses and regulatory compliance are essential. In certain jurisdictions, cannabis companies will need different licenses from different levels of government. No item on this list poses a greater existential risk to your operations than the failure to obtain and maintain appropriate licenses. 

      We have assisted dozens of applicants and participants in medical cannabis programs in Alabama and Mississippi, and we are currently working with clients throughout the country seeking to enter future markets such as Texas, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. Should an unfortunate circumstance arise, we have experience defending licensed operators in enforcement proceedings brought by state regulators.

  • Banking & Financial Services
    • Many cannabis companies are surprised to learn that most banks currently will not provide services to cannabis-related businesses. Operating a business without the ability to utilize and offer banking services is a recipe for failure. Our Banking and Financial Services attorneys have the experience and the connections to help you establish the banking relationships needed so your company can conduct business smoothly. We have advised multiple financial institutions regarding state and federal regulatory issues related to providing payment processing services to state-legal cannabis companies. We have assisted financial institutions that served as the transfer agent for an all-cannabis exchange-traded fund with BSA/AML compliance issues.

  • Corporate
    • Many of our cannabis clients quickly realize that their most regular advisors at the firm are in the Corporate and Securities Practice Group. Our transactional attorneys can assist in a range of decisions such as whether, how, and which corporate entity to establish and how to raise capital while complying with federal and state securities laws.

      Many entrepreneurs choose to establish a corporate entity to operate their budding business. The costs of doing so are relatively small, but the benefits are substantial – for you and for your business. Attorneys on our Corporate and Securities team have experience working with our Cannabis Industry team to form the right corporate entity to meet your needs.

      Even the best ideas cannot succeed unless they get off the ground. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is having access to capital – more importantly, strategic capital. Raising capital in the cannabis industry is a particular craft that calls for a mastery of different skill sets. Attorneys on our Emerging Growth Companies, Private Equity, and Venture Capital teams have the experience to help get your cannabis company the capital it needs for strategic and sustainable growth.

      Finally, unless your cannabis company is fully vertically integrated, you will have contracts with other players in the cannabis space. Whether you are a grower, processor, supplier, or retailer, your company needs thoughtful, well-negotiated contracts to survive in this competitive market. Bradley is experienced at drafting and providing advice on such contracts.

  • Governmental Affairs
    • Our Governmental Affairs team provides essential services to our cannabis clients. In states where the application process is competitive, they can work with policymakers and regulators to achieve the best results for our clients. This support can range from working with legislators to develop laws, working with regulators to develop rules, and working with state and local officials to promote our clients.

      Once an operator has a license, our Governmental Affairs team can work with policymakers and regulators to enact laws consistent with best industry practices and the interests of our clients.

  • Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
    • Our cannabis clients understand that one of the most important considerations when operating a cannabis business is choosing the right location for their business, and our real estate clients regularly seek our counsel on whether, and if so how, to do business with cannabis businesses.

      We have advised clients in multiple jurisdictions on issues related to site selection for cannabis facilities and dispensaries, including working with city and county officials to ensure compliance with applicable zoning and land use rules.

  • Labor & Employment
    • A company is only as good as its employees. It is critical to comply strictly with the employment laws of each jurisdiction where your business operates. This is one place where it definitely does not pay to be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Get it right on the front end. Our Labor and Employment lawyers are an invaluable resource for navigating local, state and federal employment laws.

      We have prepared employee handbooks, policies and procedures for multiple cannabis clients in various jurisdictions. And we have undertaken one-off projects such as consulting with a cannabis processing client to ensure compliance with OSHA rules.

  • Intellectual Property
    • For many companies, their most valuable asset is their intellectual property. Without a trademark, your clever name and tagline are there for the taking. Invented a novel way to process cannabis? A patent may be the appropriate strategic choice for your company. Our Intellectual Property attorneys are prepared to protect your company’s IP assets.

  • Tax
    • Let’s face it, you don’t want to handle complicated tax questions. But in a highly regulated industry, that’s exactly what you can expect. And the tax liabilities for cannabis companies are particularly onerous. Let our tax professionals do their part while you focus on growing your business. Our Tax attorneys can help guide you through cannabis-related tax issues, as well as other tax matters commonly faced by emerging companies.

  • Insurance
    • All businesses should have appropriate insurance coverage, but cannabis companies will quickly realize that not all insurance companies will write cannabis insurance policies. We have relationships with cannabis insurance brokers and providers, and we regularly make those introductions for our clients.

      In the event of a claim, a cannabis company may learn that many cannabis claims are denied for various reasons. Don’t find yourself facing a loss without insurance coverage. Attorneys on our Policyholder Insurance Coverage team can advise you on a range of coverage options and can help you ensure that coverage is provided in the event of a loss, including through litigation if necessary.