Bradley’s multidisciplinary team of attorneys is devoted to the unique interests of emerging growth companies. We partner with emerging companies in all stages of their development – from initial formation through a successful sale or IPO – and provide innovative solutions for the legal and business challenges they face on a daily basis.

Bradley offers the practical guidance and legal counsel that all types of high-growth companies need to succeed. Our deep industry experience spans the spectrum of business and includes healthcare IT, Fintech, SaaS, digital media, cybersecurity, life sciences, medical devices, innovative healthcare services, cleantech, alternative energy, hardware, and telecommunications.

We understand that emerging growth companies operate amid unique circumstances: accelerated timeframes and continuous technological change. Each business has its own story, often beginning with an entrepreneur’s novel idea. Developing that idea requires the hard work, perseverance, and personal sacrifice of the founder(s) and other early employees. In our legal representation, we demonstrate this same commitment.

Our team has extensive experience in representing emerging businesses at all stages of development, ranging from ideation-phase startups to large, industry-leading companies. For startups, we advise on:

  • Formulating business strategy and plans
  • Assembling the founding management team
  • Developing and rolling out product and service offerings
  • Selecting and forming appropriate business entities
  • Establishing solid foundations for employment, intellectual property assignment, confidentiality, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Drafting licensing, SaaS, and other customer agreements
  • Raising capital from friends and family, angel investors, and early-stage venture capital funds

As our clients grow, we also advise them on:

  • Raising money from growth-stage venture capital funds, strategic investors, and private equity funds
  • Structuring various forms of debt and mezzanine financing
  • Launching initial public offerings
  • Acquiring other businesses and assets
  • In-licensing other technologies
  • Selling to private equity funds or strategic buyers

We have developed extensive relationships with investors and strategic buyers or partners for more than a century, which we leverage in support of our emerging business clients.

Our team of attorneys also assists clients with:

  • Establishing offshore development centers in China, India, and elsewhere
  • Negotiating cross-border joint ventures and strategic collaborations
  • Structuring stock option, profit interest, and other employee incentive plans
  • Preparing employment, consulting, confidentiality, HIPAA, and proprietary information agreements
  • Providing counsel regarding federal, state, and local regulatory compliance; governmental affairs; and taxation at the local, state, federal, and international levels
  • Securing local, state, and federal incentives

Many of Bradley’s clients found emerging growth companies based upon novel, cutting-edge technologies. Our experienced patent lawyers, many of whom hold graduate-level degrees in their areas of focus, have deep experience in assisting our clients in developing and protecting intellectual property rights. This includes:

  • Patents on the original inventions
  • Copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other IP rights that are essential to building and protecting market share and value
  • Licensing, development, reseller, distribution, and other strategic agreements that generate revenue streams and other business opportunities

The firm also has a team of experienced litigators who are skilled in helping clients defend their IP rights.

As our emerging growth clients evolve, we advise them on every step of the way as they pursue deals to expand their operations, acquire other companies, or secure new revenue streams. Whether we are working on venture financings or M&A transactions, we ensure not only that deals are legally and technically sound, but that they fit with the company’s particular strategic objectives.