We provide legal assistance to regulated utilities and their customers, and closely monitor the legislative and regulatory developments that affect the telecommunications and utility industries in which they operate. Among those we represent are wireline and wireless carriers, natural gas companies, Internet Service Providers, water and wastewater companies, Voice over IP providers, and cable companies.
Our advocacy work extends to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), state public utility commissions, and legislation at the state and federal levels. Regarding litigation with state public utility commissions, we handle arbitration proceedings under the Federal Telecommunications Act as well as proceedings related to utility rates, complaints, enforcement, compliance, and rulemaking. Bradley represents clients in general inquiries and proceedings with state attorneys and applications for state certification. We also negotiate inter-carrier agreements under § 251 and 252 of the Federal Telecommunications Act.
Our attorneys help to resolve consumer complaints with state public utility commissions, the FCC, and other federal agencies. We provide legal assistance regarding tariff development and filings, including liaising with state public utility commissions. We assist with reporting on regulatory compliance, compliance with CALEA and 911/E-911, and evaluation and compliance with telecommunications-related subpoenas and other Homeland Security/law enforcement requests. Our clients count on us to review and file Customer Service Agreements, respond to customer notice requirements, and handle requests for state public utility commission data and filing.
Carriers rely on us to adapt and implement business plans that respond to the prevailing legal and regulatory climate. We assist with all aspects of the joint venture provision of service; handle franchise agreements, easements, and rights of way; and negotiate next-generation network vendor-carrier agreements. Our attorneys prepare and advise on leases for sites/co-locations/rooftops, retail locations, switch leases, and third-party leases. We review Master Lease Agreements and prepare corresponding site lease acknowledgements. We also negotiate inter-carrier commercial agreements and wholesale network access agreements.
We assist wireless telecommunications companies in market launches, including the acquisition of cellular sites, wireless network infrastructure, site leases, and associated network equipment. We have extensive experience in land use and zoning matters before county and municipal planning commissions and in appeals before boards of zoning throughout the southeast. We serve as regional counsel for wireless telecommunications carriers and telecommunications tower owners, and advise wireless carriers on compliance issues with respect to subpoenas and requests for information regarding law enforcement.

Bradley routinely represents wireline and wireless carriers in general litigation, especially with matters arising in the southeast. Our litigation experience for telecommunications and utility clients also includes representing:

  • Wireline and wireless carriers in state and federal court and appellate proceedings
  • Wireless carriers and cable carriers regarding municipal franchise fees
  • Cable companies regarding rights of way and easements
  • Wireless carriers in state and federal courts in tower-siting disputes