Bradley has decades of experience in successfully advocating for our clients’ interests in the complex area of zoning and land use. Our full-service practice helps clients with the entire range of planning and compliance matters, including handling zoning amendments, plan-specific zoning applications, conditional use permits, variances, challenges to the interpretation of zoning regulations, land use plan amendments, subdivision and court challenges to zoning, and land use decisions. Our land use attorneys have deep historic connections in our markets, leveraging longstanding relationships with industry players and government officials that allow us to advance matters smoothly and quickly through the land use regulatory process.

Our broad client base includes owners of undeveloped land, commercial and residential developers, commercial and residential building owners and purchasers, neighborhood groups, developers of landfills, lenders, and wireless telecommunications tower developers. We also advise owners of property being annexed by municipalities or condemned for public projects.

The firm regularly represents clients on land use legal issues involving:

  • Land Use and DevelopmentBradley has extensive experience in assisting owners and developers with land use and zoning issues, working closely with their engineers, architects, consultants, and other professional advisors. Our attorneys integrate the land use regulatory process seamlessly into the project and ensure that our clients secure all the entitlements needed to complete their projects on time and in a cost-effective manner.
  • Zoning – Developers frequently want to use property in a manner that is outside its current zoning regulations. To assist in this effort, our attorneys appear before municipal and county bodies, advocating for solutions that allow our clients to move forward with their development plans. We also handle zoning appeals to the state court system and challenges to zoning based on federal, state, and municipal constitutions and statutes.
  • Municipal Annexation – Bradley advises both developers seeking to have property annexed into a municipality to obtain municipal services and landowners whose property is proposed for annexation into a municipality.
  • Eminent Domain – When condemning authorities seek to acquire interests in land for a public project, our attorneys advise landowners on whether the condemning authority has the right to take the property. If the condemning authority has the right to take the property, Bradley works to reduce the adverse impact on our clients’ remaining property and to ensure that they receive just compensation for the taking.
  • Inverse Condemnation – Bradley regularly represents clients involved in inverse condemnations claims involving the taking of property by a condemning authority without payment of just compensation. Our attorneys assist clients in all stages of the inverse condemnation proceedings, including jury trials to determine the amount of just condemnation.