Bradley Partner Judd Harwood Quoted in BBJ on New Legal Issues Surrounding Telemedicine

Birmingham Business Journal

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Judd Harwood was quoted in the Birmingham Business Journal on how the rapid growth of telemedicine will affect healthcare litigation.

“A number of concerns about direct-to-consumer telemedicine services have been raised, all of which have the potential to result in malpractice litigation. So far, the concerns raised by industry experts have not been realized, as there are few legal opinions that specifically address telemedicine malpractice. Several factors may account for the absence of reported telemedicine malpractice cases, including the still-emerging nature of telemedicine and the common utilization of telemedicine to treat low-acuity conditions. As more physicians and patients turn to telemedicine as a solution to replace in-person office visits and to treat more complicated conditions, the risks associated with telemedicine will rise along with malpractice risks. Health care providers will also have to be wary of the unique patient privacy concerns presented by the use of telehealth equipment and the limitations payors have imposed on the ability to bill for telemedicine services,” Harwood said.

The original article, "How Rise of Telemedicine Will Shape Health Care Litigation," appeared in the Birmingham Business Journal on July 30, 2020.