Greg Suess Quoted in Forbes on Involvement in Documentary Case for Kindness


Media Mention

Senior advisor Greg Suess discussed his involvement with the documentary Case for Kindness and its creator, Steven Sawalich, with Forbes. Suess, who is a founding partner of Activist Artists Management, met Sawalich at a dinner party, where they discussed the project and Sawalich’s need for resources to continue the journey.

Suess said “I felt like he was at a lull when we connected. I followed up the very next day because I was so impressed by what he was doing and I thought, if this was not an Activist project, I didn’t know what was. We have a stadium-level team, and we come to the documentary with the same philosophy and we treat Steven like he’s the Grateful Dead or The Lumineers. He’s getting the same thinking and the same relationships.”

After meeting Sawalich, Suess reached out to change makers in the Activist community, including John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of Paul Mitchell hair products, and David Stewart II, whose Lion Forge Animation studio developed animation for the film.

“That’s what’s been so amazing about this journey. We didn’t have to push anybody or sell anybody,” Suess told Forbes. “We’ve worked really hard at Activist to focus on our mission and in doing so we’ve attracted an ecosystem of people, I believe, who are awesome. We have 20-plus families we are working with now that are all in that Forbes 400-type category, and we only work with kind families.”

The full article, “Ben Affleck, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks make case for kindness in new doc,” was published by Forbes on April 15, 2023.