Bradley’s attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of media and entertainment law, from the many complex issues facing traditional media outlets to multimedia and distribution issues.

In addition to our experience in music, television, film, sports, and print media, we represent major entertainment companies and their affiliates, including broadcast networks, film production studios, sports networks, and professional sports leagues. Our team has extensive knowledge and entertainment industry experience cultivated from decades-long relationships with large international companies in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, and we frequently assist these entities with legal projects based in the southeast.

The firm’s Nashville office is located in the heart of historic Music Row and offers a depth of experience in the music industry, both nationally and internationally. We represent record labels of all sizes, songwriters and other recording artists, managers, management companies, promoters, booking/talent agencies, and music publishing companies.

Our representation includes music licensing, royalties, and grants of commercial use for music, as well as for synchronization (for television, film, commercials, plays, and video games) and new technologies (apps, ringtones, streaming, and digital downloads) that have changed the entertainment industry dramatically.  We also handle all types of copyright and trademark registrations for our entertainment clients, as along with copyright termination and recapture issues.

  • We represent producers, book publishers, and alternative media and communication companies.
  • We counsel film production companies on all stages of independent film production, including negotiating talent agreements and applicable licenses and releases, and we work with the Screen Actors Guild and deal with film production insurance issues.
  • We handle contracts for individuals, such as artists, on-air personalities, and other talent. We understand our clients’ businesses and know how to navigate contractual limitations to obtain the most beneficial outcome for our clients in a highly cost-effective way.
  • We advise media and entertainment companies on matters ranging from corporate and securities law to intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and the infringement of those rights.


Bradley’s media and entertainment attorneys also serve as a resource for other attorneys in the firm, who enlist their assistance as necessary for issues that arise with clients across all industries.

Our media and entertainment attorneys conduct high-profile multimedia litigation work of all kinds, including matters pertaining to licensing, broadcasting, First Amendment defenses, and allegations of defamation or invasion of privacy. Much of our litigation work involves contracts and copyrights, which in the music industry entails complex royalty disputes and management contract disputes, to name a few.

We also represent clients in state and federal courts in a range of litigation matters, including:

  • Major booking and talent agencies, artists, promoters, and record companies;
  • Artists, songwriters, and music publishers, regarding the collection of royalties;
  • Media outlets, petitioning for access to civil and criminal proceedings; and
  • Media outlets, regarding content and newsgathering for pre-publication review and access to public records, meetings, and documents. 

We also offer a full range of mediation, arbitration, and alternative resolution services for our media and entertainment clients.