Bradley’s Technology Transactions attorneys combine a wealth of legal experience with deep technical and business knowledge. Our Licensing and Technology Transactions team leverages these strengths to help clients maximize the value of their intellectual property investments by providing strategic guidance in the creation, acquisition, transfer, licensing, use, and exploitation of technology. Our practice has a national presence and is involved in licensing technologies all over the world, including China, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and various Latin American and Middle Eastern countries.

We recognize that patent licensing is a complex area of the law. While the business and legal interests of both owners/licensors and licensees frequently align, those interests can occasionally diverge depending on the nature of the licensed asset, its potential use, and each party’s economic goals. Drafting patent licenses requires a comprehensive understanding of patent law, as well as contract law and patent technology.

Bradley assists both licensors and licensees of intangible assets and related intellectual property rights with patent licensing, transactions and negotiations. We have extensive experience with matters including license arrangements that involve patents, technology, copyrights, brands, trade dress, content, data, databases and software. Our team also has experience with the complicated aspects of licenses, such as for mission-critical technology or assets with significant commercialization potential. We are skilled at identifying and planning with respect to the impact of tax, antitrust, and bankruptcy laws on licenses.

We work with companies at all stages of their development in numerous industries, such as healthcare IT, SaaS, digital media, life science, biotechnology, and alternative energy. Many of our attorneys have advanced degrees and industry experience in the fields where we practice, and stay on the cutting edge of industry developments to provide the best and most relevant guidance on rapidly evolving technologies.

Bradley’s team of experienced dealmakers also has extensive commercial transaction experience. Our lawyers excel at drafting and negotiating both simple and complex technology agreements, including all types of agreements in intellectual property license, development, data, distribution, material transfer, hosting and other managed services, cloud computing and SAAS, outsourcing and other offshore services, and domain name transfer.

In addition, the firm develops and manages standardized forms for vendor agreements, customer agreements, and other recurring transactions, each tailored to meeting the client’s specific needs. Our attorneys also help businesses find efficiencies in negotiation and customer acquisition, leading to shorter sales cycles and significant overall savings. These services are representative of our practice’s priority of gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses to go beyond legal advice and offer strategic guidance on how they can best meet their operational goals.

In addition, we have extensive experience in advising research institutions, universities, and their portfolio companies in connection with developing, protecting, and licensing their intellectual property assets.