Bradley’s Intellectual Property Practice Group has experience in an extensive range of copyright issues. Our attorneys work with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure complete copyright coverage for their creative works and protect their critical market shares.

We help clients in a wide variety of industries obtain copyright registration for products, which include computer software, website content, architectural works, fabric designs, books, short stories, magazines, artwork, paintings, graphical and sculptural works, poetry, blueprints, drawings, music, lyrics, performances, competitive business information, and many other works of authorship. We also assist with other copyright law matters, including licensing and commercializing creative works with third parties so our clients can get the most from their proprietary assets.

In many cases, our law firm helps clients build the capacity to prepare and submit their own copyright applications, saving them valuable resources while protecting their ability to profit from their intellectual property. When it is necessary to defend our clients’ copyrights, Bradley’s litigators have extensive experience in court and administrative forums, and boast a demonstrated track record of success.