Jon Skeeters Interviewed by Law360 on Announcement of Bradley’s First Georgia Office


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Bradley Chairman of the Board and Managing Partner Jonathan Skeeters was interviewed by Law360 about the announcement of the firm’s first Georgia office in Atlanta. Bradley opened the Atlanta office with 20 new attorneys, who will guide clients in a range of areas, including real estate, healthcare, litigation, corporate mergers and acquisitions, franchise, securities, labor and employment, and financial services. The firm announced its first foray into Georgia and its 11th office opening at the Promenade Tower in Midtown on May 22.

Skeeters told Law360 that this move has been the product of five to six years of dedicated planning. The firm was drawn to the city's businesses, as well as its legal talent, Skeeters said.

"Not currently being in that market was really the hole in our game, so to speak," Skeeters said. "So we were attracted to Atlanta and have been attracted for a long, long time. We had a plan to continue to grow to stay competitive for legal talent and for client work, and to continue to service our clients, we felt like growth was necessary."

Moving into Atlanta was a "natural fit," Skeeters said, with the firm's most recent office openings in Tampa, Florida, in 2015, and in Houston and Dallas in 2016 and 2019, respectively. In all, the firm has 11 offices strategically located across seven states and the District of Columbia.

"I think going into those other markets and being able to say we had the region from D.C. over to Texas and down covered, now we were a better fit for competing in Atlanta and attracting the right talent," Skeeters said. "That was, I think, what really came together for this opportunity."

Skeeters said he had "a lot of fun" assembling this group of attorneys as they looked for quality attorneys who have integrity and want to work collaboratively with practice groups and to "build something special." The firm decided to build on its strengths in healthcare, financial services, construction and real estate in building out the Atlanta office, he said.

Skeeters explained the firm plans on adding more attorneys to the Atlanta office soon, but he wants hiring decisions and naming an office leader to come after the group is well acquainted, so it's "cohesive" and "not a top-down process."

"We'll come up with a market plan and the lawyers on board will help us be the architects of what is next for their office and what will the additions look like, what practice areas they'll be in, and how they'll mesh and fit with the lawyers who are a core part of the team now," Skeeters said.

For Skeeters, he said he's hoping several things will come together for the office's long-term success.

"I think it's going to be successful if we can look back and say that the lawyers [who] have joined us have integrated their practices into the firm successfully, they've been able to grow the kind of work that they're doing, they've been able to tap into the additional resources to benefit their clients and our clients, and that they're happy practicing law," Skeeters said. "Everybody wants to work hard and provide great client service, but nothing wrong with enjoying it, as well, and we want that to be a big part of their professional success and I think the success of the office."

He said this is a good move for the firm.

"We're just thrilled and excited," Skeeters added. "It really is a great group of people, first and foremost. It's an incredible opportunity for our law firm, for our existing clients, and I think it sets the firm up to remain very competitive in what we consider an ever-increasingly competitive legal industry."

The full article, “20 Attys Join Bradley Arant’s First Ga. Office in Atlanta,” was published by Law360 on May 23, 2023. (login required)