Paul R. Barsness

Legal Assistant
Becky Olds
P: 404.868.2020

Paul Barsness helps companies protect and safeguard two of their biggest assets: their workforce and intellectual property. A company's success and profitability are tied to its intellectual property, and Paul devotes a large portion of his practice to preventing and defending against the theft and misappropriation of confidential information and trade secrets. He negotiates and litigates restrictive covenants, and handles cases involving trademark, copyright, and patent infringement.

A talented workforce is equally important. More and more companies rely on professionally developed selection procedures to hire, promote, and retain the best talent. Paul represents employers of all sizes, as well as local governments, test developers, and workforce management companies, in counseling, litigation, and subpoena-enforcement actions involving the use of employment tests and personnel selection procedures. He defends employers facing allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, denial of benefits, wage and hour violations, and other claims under federal and state law. As an experienced class-action litigator, Paul also serves as litigation counsel for several financial institutions and other companies, defending against a myriad of state and federal consumer class actions.