Alex Huffstutter

Senior Attorney
Legal Assistant
Brittney Mandella
P: 615.252.2242

Alex Huffstutter is a senior attorney in Bradley’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, where he focuses on the intersection of electrical and computer engineering technologies. As a registered patent attorney licensed to practice in Tennessee and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Alex has cultivated his practice in electrically based patent prosecution, with a concentration on cutting-edge innovations in electronics, electro-mechanical manufacturing systems, and automotive technology.

His proficiency extends to software patent application experience, where Alex has demonstrated a keen understanding of the intricacies of technology-related legal matters. He also brings a wealth of experience in mechanically based patent prosecution, spanning diverse areas such as firearm technology, innovations in the farming industry, ADA-compliant mobility devices, medical devices and systems, and structural building devices and equipment.

In addition to his role in patent prosecution, Alex adeptly handles design patents for clients across various industries. His comprehensive technical background encompasses a wide spectrum of technologies, showcasing his versatility and ability to navigate the complexities of diverse industries.

Prior to entering the legal profession, Alex served as a research assistant at Vanderbilt University, contributing to the synthesis and refinement of graphene for application in photovoltaic generation. This research experience underscores his commitment to technological advancement and innovation, which continues to be a driving force in his legal practice.