Dana C. Lumsden

Legal Assistant
Natalie Hullander
P: 704.338.6138 nhullander@bradley.com
Representative Experience
  • General Experience
      • United States v. Bank of America, et al. - The firm represented Ally Financial, Inc, Residential Capital, LLC and GMAC Mortgage in the largest national joint state/federal government settlement in history. The case began with “robo-signing” investigation and then broadened into examination of the mortgage industry. The case involved 49 state attorney generals, 48 state banking departments, the Department of Justice, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Consumer Financial Protect Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission.
      • Advised an International Financial Institution - Advised an international financial institution in the investigation of an employment discrimination class action brought by employees of the company’s securities operations.
      • Confidential Arbitration in an International Dispute - Tried a confidential arbitration for a Japanese multi-national corporation in an international dispute involving the design and construction of a power plant in South America.
      • Confidential Arbitration on Behalf of National Insurance Company - Tried a confidential arbitration that resulted in a favorable award on behalf of a national insurance company.
      • Defended a National Advertising and Branding Company - Defended a national advertising and branding company in a multi-million dollar wrongful death claim brought in Massachusetts Superior Court.
      • Defended a Publicly-Traded Wireless Communications and Technology Company - Defended a publicly-traded wireless communications and technology company in a business dispute with one of its suppliers in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.
      • Defended a Software and Telecommunications Company - Defended a software and telecommunications company in a business dispute involving allegations of fraud, unfair trade practices, and negligent misrepresentation in New York State Supreme Court.
      • Enforced a Multi-State Covenant-Not-to-Compete - Enforced a Multi-State Covenant-Not-To-Compete on the behalf of a Virginia-based municipal services company.
      • Represented a National D&O Insurer - Represented a national D&O insurer in a confidential coverage dispute arising out of claims against the management of manufacturing company.
      • Represented a National Insurance Company - Represented a national insurance company in coverage action involving allegations of property damage due to mold growth.
      • Represented a National Insurance Company - Represented a national insurance company in a multi-million dollar environmental coverage action brought by an international mining concern.
      • Represented an Individual Investor - Represented an Individual Investor in a business dispute with an international brokerage and securities firm.
      • Trademark License Agreement for Leggings - Drafted and negotiated trademark license agreement for socks/leggings and other related apparel.