Ryan P. Robichaux

Legal Assistant
Stephanie Saunders
P: 205.521.8422 ssaunders@bradley.com

Ryan Robichaux focuses his practice on political law compliance and government relations. He represents clients before the executive and legislative branches of government in Washington, D.C., Montgomery, Alabama, and other states. His work includes representation of businesses, trade associations, political action committees, nonprofits, government contractors, and other individuals and entities that are involved in the political process. Ryan also has significant experience representing candidates for public office.

Ryan got his start in politics working as a political analyst in the U.S. Senate and the British Parliament. Prior to law school, he served as a legislative aide for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), where he specialized in agriculture, judiciary, trade and manufacturing policy. Prior to that, Ryan served as a research assistant for Member of Parliament Nigel Waterson of Eastbourne.

Political Law Compliance

A major focus of his practice is political law compliance. Ryan advises clients on state and federal lobbying, ethics, campaign finance, and pay-to-play laws. He also assists clients with the establishment and administration of political programs, including the formation of political action committees (PACs) and compliance with campaign finance laws, and advises clients on how to develop effective internal programs to comply with lobbying, ethics, campaign finance, and pay-to-play laws.

Political Advocacy

Ryan’s other primary focus is on advocacy and advocacy management. He has experience providing a full range of advocacy services for his clients, including direct and grassroots advocacy, legislative counseling, coalition development and management, and hiring and managing lobbyists across the country. Ryan has experience representing clients on single state and federal matters, as well as multistate advocacy efforts.