Wendi Campbell Rogaliner

Legal Assistant
Marcos Perez
P: 214.257.9757 mperez@bradley.com
Representative Experience
    • Provides guidance on state and federal fraud and abuse issues for large institutional clients, including operators of hospitals, physician clinics, dental practices, laboratories and pharmacy operations.

      Serves as lead reviewer in multiple Independent Review Organization engagements, reporting to the Office of Inspector General.

      Advises on Stark-compliant physician contract drafting, including strategies to drive physician performance.

      Leads physician contract negotiations for large hospital and healthcare systems.

      Leads and serves as RFP agent for clients seeking new provider staffing options in a hospital-based setting.

      Leads practice acquisitions and divestitures, including physician practices, dental practices, ambulatory surgery centers, cancer centers and leads regulatory analysis in support in larger, hospital and health system acquisitions and divestitures.

      Provides general advice and counsel pertaining to day-to-day hospital, clinic, physician practice, dental practice, lab and pharmacy operations.

      Provides local counsel guidance for national providers seeking to enter the Texas market, related to Texas law on the corporate practice of medicine, state anti-referral statutes, and establishment and maintenance of certifications for Texas non-profit health organizations.

      Conducts compliance audits and incident investigations.

      Leads regulatory due diligence reviews.

      Advises on the implementation of national performance improvement initiatives in emergency departments for large health systems.

      Provides Stark Law analysis and self-disclosure protocol assistance for hospital and health system clients.

      Provides board and leadership training on governance roles and regulatory compliance issues.

      Assists hospital clients with EMTALA incident analysis and corrective action plans, in addition to drafting EMTALA policies and providing EMTALA education for clinical and operational staff in hospital emergency departments.

      Establishes management service organizations and operational contracts pertaining to support of long-term management of physician professional entities by non-physician providers under Texas law.

      Serves as outside general counsel for healthcare providers without in-house lawyers.

      Provides temporary legal coverage for clients as needed when in-house attorney staffing is unfeasible.

      Prepares template physician contracts for client hospitals and health systems.

      Provides advice and guidance through medical staff governance and disciplinary issues.

      Forms Texas non-profit healthcare organizations.

      Advises on joint ventures between and among providers.