David Roth

Partner and General Counsel
Legal Assistant
Sherry Barber
P: 205.521.8681 sbarber@bradley.com

David Roth has a diverse practice that includes banking and financial services, as well as environmental and energy law. Since joining the firm almost 25 years ago, his practice and experiences have expanded to include a wide variety of corporate, litigation, financial services, and environmental matters. He has closed asset purchases, conducted corporate due diligence, and served as de facto general counsel for a manufacturing company. He has met with company presidents, maintenance supervisors, and CFOs to learn how they run their businesses. All of this has helped him better understand the full range of pressures businesses face and the importance of ensuring that legal solutions actually work on a practical level.

Today, David’s practice focuses on environmental law and financial services law, and he has been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America® for Environmental Law and Mortgage Banking Foreclosure Law. He pursues both areas of practice with vigor, and periodically he has the opportunity to draw upon both practice areas when he advises financial services clients on managing and mitigating environmental risk.