Justin T. Scott

Legal Assistant
Donna Keaton
P: 713.576.0320 dkeaton@bradley.com

Justin Scott’s practice is focused on commercial litigation, specifically in the energy, construction, and real estate fields. In the energy industry, he has experience representing oil and gas service companies, equipment manufacturers, and exploration and production companies in disputes ranging from royalty payment litigation to trade secret matters.

In the construction industry, Justin has represented general contractors, property owners, and developers, and one of the nation’s largest metal building component manufacturers in matters ranging from warranty claims to breach of contract disputes.

Justin has also handled matters in the real estate sector representing property owners and developers in sales and lease disputes, as well as claims related to removal of lis pendens.

In addition to his commercial litigation experience, he has represented clients in the energy and heavy equipment manufacturing sectors in personal injury matters.

Justin has a broad knowledge base related to the challenges that his clients face during the litigation process. He believes in a case assessment and development strategy that prioritizes each of his client’s unique business goals and objectives.