Bradley’s Fintech (Financial Technology) team assists clients in aligning business objectives with evolving technologies. We help maximize digital growth and regularly assist in launching new digital products by advising on state and federal regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, data protection, digital best practices, and risk management.

Bradley’s Fintech team works closely with clients in this growing space, which includes payment technology, digital banking and lending, personal finance and robo-advising, investing and venture capital, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and electronic products and services. Combining deep experience and knowledge with a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys, we remain abreast of the latest regulations, security frameworks, and emerging technologies.

Our team includes board-certified privacy specialists and former bank regulators, in-house counsel, and information technology executives. We understand not only the applicable laws and regulatory requirements, but more significantly, we understand our clients’ businesses. We serve banks, financial institutions, investment funds, electronic payment companies, startups, and other companies seeking to leverage technology to grow their businesses. Bradley provides the full scope of legal services in fintech – from operations, vendor management and contracting, and information security to regulatory compliance, data breach prevention, and litigation.