Representative Experience
  • General Experience
    • Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission dba U.S. Space and Rocket Center

      The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is state governmental entity, and the operator of the famous SPACE CAMP, AVIATION CHALLENGE, and other educational programs. It is also the operator of one of the world’s largest museums of Space exploration history and artifacts, and of the papers of Werner Von Braun. Our services for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center include domestic and international trademark prosecution and portfolio maintenance, Opposition Proceedings, and trademark policing activities. We also provide assistance in the licensing of its SPACE CAMP mark all over the world, including licensees in Turkey, Belgium, Japan, Italy, Canada, Korea. Our firm assists in all of its domestic and international trademark work, licensing activity, and other IP contractual matters. We have handled opposition proceedings, conduct regular policing activities, and have helped to create a strategy for selecting the marks and countries for protection. The firm assists in all licensing activity and IP contractual matters, as well as book deals and licensing with well-known national and international partners, including NASA, Kraft Foods, the Smithsonian, Chick-fil-A, Arby’s, and movie and music producers.

      Russell Corporation

      Russell Corporation is a leading manufacturer of athletic apparel and sporting equipment, including under various of its brands such as SPALDING, MOSSY OAK, JERZEES, RUSSELL ATHLETIC, and BROOKS. Our firm has a long term relationship that includes the range of services including trademark prosecution and portfolio maintenance.


      Digium, Inc. is a market leader and innovator of VoIP (“Voice Over Internet Protocol”) telephony applications. Digium’s flagship software ASTERISK is managed under a forked license model including both open source licensing and commercial forks. We advise Digium regarding strategy and multi-year planning for the growth and maintenance of its U.S. and international portfolio of trademarks for Digium, including a vast array of national registrations and International Registrations, as well as trademark disputes.

      Fruit of the Loom

      Fruit of the Loom, a Berkshire Hathaway company, needs no introduction for its various brands and products. While Fruit of the Loom typically manages its day-to-day trademark portfolio maintenance and expansion with an in-house team, we regularly consult with Fruit of the Loom on issues that fall outside of routine, such as particular questions regarding mark selection and potentially competitive marks, defense of third party allegations, and pursuit of TTAB proceedings.

      Randall-Reilly Publishing Company (nationwide magazine publisher)

      Randall-Reilly is one of the largest publishers serving the construction, construction equipment, and trucking markets, with a stable of approximately 20 periodicals, of which a number are regularly listed among the top 100 trade magazines by distribution volume. We handle all aspects of the trademark portfolio for Randall-Reilly, including applications, oppositions and inter partes proceedings, licensing issues, and portfolio maintenance such as renewals and strategic planning.

      Mental Floss (magazine)

      Mental Floss magazine is an independent publisher in the “social knowledge” marketspace, featuring educational pieces in fun or quirky style. We have helped Mental Floss through a strategy of developing trademark protection for its magazine brand, as well as extending that brand into new market space, such as the board game, trivia card, entertainment, and book publishing fields.

      National Flour Mills & Supply Co

      National Flour Mills & Supply Company is the owner of the CHESTER’S fast food franchise, as well as other brands of restaurant and food service enterprise. The CHESTER’S and CHESTER FRIED marks are protected by several hundred registrations worldwide. We work with National Flour on all aspects of trademark management and strategy, including from the most basic trademark filings, renewals and the like, to litigation across the globe in jurisdictions like India, the Community Trade Mark system, Brazil, and the Philippines.

      International Floors of America, Inc.

      International Floors of America is a manufacturer of vinyl floor products. Our services include domestic and international trademark and patent prosecution and protection, as well as general intellectual property counseling.

      Corr Wireless

      Corr Wireless is a cell phone services provider. Our services include trademark prosecution and portfolio management, as well as handling of opposition proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

      Vision Wheel

      Vision Wheel is a manufacturer and importer of custom wheels for vehicles. Our services include trademark, trade dress, patent prosecution and protection, as well as portfolio management, and general intellectual property advice.

      BellSouth Intellectual Property Corp. v. Expetel Communications, Inc. (S.D. MS 2002-3)

      Successfully represented local telephone carrier in defending injunction claims for trademark infringement by established carrier. Settled after injunction hearings and further discovery.

      Domestic and Worldwide Trademark Protection and Licensing Programs

      Responsible for trademark portfolio work for a number of public and private corporations and other entities, including domestic and foreign filings, Opposition Proceedings, licensing efforts and negotiations.

      Herring's Air Conditioning Service, Inc., v. Service Tech Inc., U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, 2:09-CV-2440-RDP

      The firm successfully resolved a trademark infringement lawsuit brought against our client for the use of the plaintiff's trade name in software code used to create an internet video advertisement.  Through the hidden use of the plaintiff's trade name, the vendor that created the advertisement and uploaded it onto the internet caused internet users who were searching for plaintiff to be directed to links to our client's advertisement. Plaintiff sued for the misuse of Plaintiff's trade name.