A. Kate Margolis

Legal Assistant
Cindy Hampton
P: 601.592.9946 champton@bradley.com

Kate Margolis provides insurance coverage advice for policyholders. She knows that insurance coverage is essential to the long-term viability of any business. Kate helps policyholders preserve coverage both before and after a claim arises. She advises regarding terms and conditions and potential gaps in coverage when clients are evaluating their insurance programs.  For example, cyber insurance has fast become a crucial part of any insurance program. Kate recently co-authored the Guide to Cyber Insurance: Building a Program, Procuring Coverage, Managing Claims and Litigating Disputes, published by RIMS, the Risk Management SocietyTM.

When coverage disputes do arise, Kate is committed to cost-effective and creative solutions to achieve a satisfactory business resolution if possible and unrelenting advocacy when litigation is warranted. Kate has helped clients navigate roadblocks to coverage for nearly 20 years.


Proper framing and presentation of a legal argument is key to success on appeal. Without it, meritorious appeals can be lost. Kate helps clients present their legal arguments in the most effective way possible. She most recently honed these skills as the principal brief writer in a bankruptcy appeal of national importance to the financial services industry. 

Governmental Affairs

Kate leverages her experience working in state government to assist with state and local issues, from municipal moratoria and election disputes to campaign finance and lobbyist reporting. She regularly handles petitions before the Mississippi Public Service Commission.