Gregory B. Pipes

Legal Assistant
Emily Powell
P: 205.521.8792

Greg Pipes assists financial services companies with a wide variety of legal and regulatory compliance-related matters. Greg’s practice focuses primarily on helping financial services clients (including depository institutions, non-bank mortgage originators and servicers, investment firms, debt collectors and other companies in the consumer finance space) navigate all aspects of the consumer regulatory compliance landscape.

On the front end, Greg helps financial services clients ensure their operations are in compliance with applicable federal and state consumer financial laws and government agency guidelines. This includes, among other things, assessing the impact of new rules, helping clients adapt to changes in the regulatory environment and working with business, compliance and legal stakeholders to implement regulatory-related change. Greg also assists clients with gap analyses, risk assessments, mock examinations and targeted reviews aimed at assessing compliance with existing law. In addition, Greg works with clients to review policy and procedure documents, consumer-facing correspondence, training and oversight materials, as well as other compliance-related documentation to ensure accuracy, completeness and compliance.

On the back end, Greg assists clients by leading them through the regulatory supervision, examination and enforcement process. Greg has handled numerous regulatory investigations and enforcement matters, including matters brought by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and various state regulatory bodies. In this role, Greg assists with developing an overall examination and enforcement strategy, managing and responding to information and document requests, rebutting preliminary findings, responding to allegations of legal violations and, when appropriate, negotiating settlement. When necessary, Greg also helps develop and execute tailored correction action plans to remediate regulatory findings. Greg assists clients with investigating and responding to complaints and allegations of regulatory violations made by borrowers, state attorneys general and other regulatory bodies.