Haydn J. Richards Jr.

Representative Experience
  • General Experience
    • Representing major mortgage lenders and servicers in connection with CFPB preparedness evaluations.

      Represented dozens of major mortgage lenders, servicers, and financial services companies in connection with their acquisition of major mortgage lenders, servicers, and financial services companies.

      Provided strategic counsel with respect to regulatory compliance licensing obligations in connection with initial public offerings of securities by financial services companies or private offerings of shares.

      Regularly dialogue in both adversarial and non-adversarial proceedings before state regulatory agencies, including negotiating settlement agreements.

      Regularly assist with the development of policies, procedures, and strategic initiatives to proactively address compliance deficiencies.

      Counseling clients with respect to regulatory compliance matters associated with the build-out of their financial services operations, including mortgage lenders, mortgage servicers, consumer lenders, and student lenders.

      Regularly assist with due diligence compliance and licensing reviews in connection with investor acquisitions of state-licensed companies engaged in mortgage lending, mortgage servicing and consumer lending activities.

      Regularly perform audits of the licenses and approvals maintained by financial services companies, including mortgage companies, consumer lenders, student lenders, and debt collectors to ensure full compliance with state laws and regulations.

      Assisted clients with developing marketing materials that complied with state and federal advertising requirements.

      Assisted clients with the review of mortgage disclosure forms to ensure their compliance with applicable state law.