Mortgage lenders and servicers face ever-increasing pressures related to mortgage liens that cannot be foreclosed in a timely manner as a result of title-related issues. Bradley attorneys assist clients in such situations through focused curative title or title claim actions. We review large numbers of mortgage loans that are on hold for extended periods due to title defects and advise on the best methods for resolving those claims.

Our tactics often include a combination of undertaking the most efficient title curative measures and conducting informed negotiations – and litigation, as needed – with title insurance underwriters, to resolve covered claims by either payment of insured losses or a timely cure of the defect. Since the mortgage default crisis of 2008, Bradley lawyers have provided counsel resulting in the resolution of scores of longstanding title holds. In addition to other relief, we have recovered over $23 million from title insurers on denied and constructively denied claims, and compared to an average legal spend that is approximately 12.5% of the recovery. Bradley has the actual experience you need to assist with this portion of your loan portfolio.